iPod scratch removers?
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Has anybody come across an iPod scratch-remover/iPod cleaner worth recommending? I've got a 4G that's starting to look a little sad and would appreciate any input. Thanks.
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Here is a review of the two most popular ones, iCleaner and Ice Cream at iPod Lounge. I haven't tried either, but the review is pretty thorough.
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You could always scratch it some more.
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for the plastic.. Take it to a jeweler or watchmaker that polishes crystals. I've done it for a couple of my customers. It works really well.
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another example of more scratches... from the same source as Mwongozi
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If it's *dirty*, nothing works for iBooks or iPods like a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.
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I think the product you want is Meguiar's Mirror Glaze polish. It's a super-fine abrasive that will polish out the scratches.
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You just need stickers.
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What you need is Meguiars, #10 and #17.

This stuff also works on scratched CDs (providing the scratch hasn't gone down to the actual metal film).

It's specifically designed for fixing plastic rear windows in convertible tops, but it works on any clear plastic.
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Once you've got it clean and scratch-free, consider protecting your investment and putting it in a case. I like the iSkin, which is silicone and makes the iPod nice and grippy.
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Well, this post was a while ago, but maybe someone will come read it later... I just got a new iPod -- well, new to me. Very much NOT new in condition. It was scratched like crazy. On the recommendation of folks at iPodloung, I tried using Brasso (metal polish) on both the front and back. Amazingly, it really DOES work. It eliminated a big scratch right across the screen. It takes several treatments -- I got tired of working on it the first night, but I got it pretty close to respectable. I'm going to polish it some more when I have time, and get it like new before my new iPod cover shows up in the mail.
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Err, iPodlounge, not iPodlounge. Of course, I only see the errors as I'm clicking "Post". ;)
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