Well-liked and user friendly e-commerce web hosting site?
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Well-liked and user friendly e-commerce web hosting site?

My specialty is computer repair and I haven't built a web site let alone looked for hosting in 5-7 years .

A guy that I work for is wanting to start some kind of e-commerce site selling food products or processed food products. I'm not 100%, but he wants to start an online business... that much I do know. A friendly/easy to use user interface is a welcome preference. I don't know yet if he wants to create it or have the web hosting site create his site/store for him. I'm assuming the later since neither he nor I have experience in this department.

He's looked at GoDaddy and 1&1 so far. He has GoDaddy for his regular construction business, but it's not a commerce site/web store so it's a little bit different than this.

Any ones you guys recommend? Thanks!
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...and the likes.
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I'd go to dreamhost for hosting. They do good work (far, far, far better than 1&1, from experience).
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