What is it?
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What is it? What is this fabric item that we unearthed while cleaning out my kitchen drawers?

These two circles of linen have been sewn together with snaps on one side. When you snap them together, you end up with about a dozen fluted pouches.

This would have been purchased by or given to my grandmother sometime after she came to New York in 1946. It had a little faded sticker on it, so it likely wasn't homemade.

Some family and friends have a number of guesses about its use, but we couldn't find a definitive answer. Can anyone solve this mystery for us?
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Best answer: It's a roll holder. I can't remember the exact term but it's used to keep warmed rolls warm at the table.
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Like this
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Response by poster: Thank you! You confirmed our guesses. I had searched for "bun cozy" and a couple other things, but there wasn't anything that looked like this.

I guess I'll need to bake some rolls to celebrate.
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I'm not convinced it's a roll holder. The snaps don't make sense. How about a tarnish resistant thingy to keep silver or plate napkin rings and small items safe and relatively tarnish free?
I have a similar item, for what it's worth.
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The one otherwordlyglow linked to also has snaps, you can see them in the last photo. The snaps are so it can be stored flat when unsnapped. I have one exactly like it.
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Some of them have snaps that make it so that you can store them flat and then snap together for use (I have one like that). See some examples here, particularity on page 3 (PDF). You can use them for other things, obviously.
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Response by poster: I thought about that too pentagoet, but it's not tarnish resistant fabric. I suppose it could hold little items, but utensils would stick out and flop all around. I like that it could also be a little candy dish kind of thing (see page 2 on the PDF).
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