Where can I buy this gorgeous twig coat rack?
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Where can I buy something like this twig coat rack in Australia?

I love this twig coat rack - but shipping from the US would cost $$$.

Where can I buy something similar in Australia?
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Maybe try something like she lists a lot of Australian designers and furniture makers and there may be someone on there who could make you something similiar.

It's an awesome coat rack, btw. Happy Hunting!
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Argh, borked the link - http://www.thedesignfiles.net/
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Me and my fella can make this kind of thing. But honestly, I think you may be overestimating the cost of shipping. Check out their shipping page (scroll down for international). It will be $14 plus external shipping costs. At $99 purchase price and the $14, even another $50 in international shipping still makes it much cheaper than what we would charge.
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