how can i find out about a minor UK court case?
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I'm trying to find out about a conviction for assault. The case was in the 1980s in a UK magistrates court. Would I be able to get access to the records? Would it show up on a criminal record check? The local newspaper doesn't look like a good bet. Are there other ways I could check? Thanks.
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If you don't find an answer here, you'll get a good one on, which is a great resource. In fact, if it were me I would just ask there, since it counts British lawyers and magistrates among its posters.
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Procedings in the magistrates courts are unreported.

You'll need to apply to the Criminal Records Bureau. To get a disclosure typically you'll need the consent of the person. The bureau will not have any form of contextual details, merely date, conviction etc.

You could try a Freedom of Information Act inquiry of the investigating police force but I don't fancy your chances much...
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