How to Hash?
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I’ve been invited to my first Hash, and I was wondering what I can expect – any MeFites run with the Hash House Harriers?

So I’ve been invited along to a local Kennel for a Hash next week, and it’ll be my first time.

I’m not a hugely prolific runner, I usually only run a couple of miles at a time, once or maybe twice a week (last summer I got up to 5k three times a week, but that was on a treadmill, and I’ve fallen way out of form on that score). My inviter seems unconcerned by my protestations of lack of fitness, and assured me that water is perfectly acceptable at the drink stops (I take it some of the more experienced hashers go for beer instead).

My understanding is that the individual kennels tend to be that – individual, with little “oversight” by a central organisation – but I was wondering if any MeFites have any insights on what I can expect, first time out?
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There is a variety of running ethos among HHH groups. This map may help you find the local group.

When I hashed, I was always one of the trailing runners (this being Eugene, after all) but I had a lot of fun anyway. And beer checks are optional. I always opted for water until afterwards.

Just have a good time. That is what it's all about.

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There are plenty of results for "what to expect at your first hash", so that's not a bad place to start. There will be beer (you don't have to drink, but it's a drinking club with a running problem, so someone will be happy to drink for you). You will be called a virgin. You will be given a rude nickname. You will need your sense of humor about you. No one cares how fast you can run, but they do care about you having a good time.

The only major offense, as far as I can tell, is taking yourself too seriously.
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You will be given a VERY rude nickname. . .One lesbian in the group I ran with got the name Go Fer Snatch. You will be expected to give a pretty good simulation of masturbation during the "spiritual" part of the post-run gathering.

It is not for the thin-skinned. But it's also as much fun as anyone can have. I wish my knees could take it still.
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So THAT'S what that was!

I'd never heard of this Hash thing before and had to go Google it. And, as it happens, I was out walking one evening a couple months ago and started noticing little colored chalk piles everywhere and groups of people running all over the place yelling at each other and hunting for the chalk piles.

Had no idea what they were all about, and now I do. Thank you!
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I am a pathetic runner, by which I mean I mostly jog/walk/flail around haplessly, and hashing is still fun.

Do not, under any circumstances, wear obviously new running shoes or shoes which could be reasonably mistaken for new. This is the best advice I have to offer.
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Link whoops: should've been this.
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be carefull about what you share on line.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the responses, I'll post a quick followup in case people find this via search in the future:

I've been to a couple of hashes now, and had a great time. I'll be continuing to go with them whenever I can get the time off work.

I followed the advice not to wear new shoes (one poor sod at the second hash hadn't heard that rule and ended up drinking beer from his new running shoes. As punishment, so did the guy who invited him along without warning him about that rule... :-) )

I didn't have to simulate masturbation in public, although I did get called into the circle, asked why I was there (I answered correctly, but there were multiple acceptable answers), and had an extremely rude song sung about me.

The guys (and gals!) I run with are a great group, but yes, there is a very mature (well, some might call it immature, so let's say very adult) sense of humour involved. Definitely not one for the thin-skinned or politically correct.
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