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What are the best websites about oragami, and how to do it? I'm looking for sites that give instructions and offer a wide variety of patterns for a lot of different objects--animals, shapes, and so on.
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Hmm. That's a lot of pictures of origami, but not so much on how to do it. I think your best bet for a wide variety of how-to diagrams is this site.
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In addition to event's link, the 'Rubber Stamping Resource Page' has a ton of origami templates. Oriland will let you explore "the paper realms of fancy!" I haven't browsed through the British Origami Society or the Origami-USA sites much, but they SHOULD have something basic and useful. Hands-on: the 2004 Origami Page-A-Day calendar was really well-done, I thought, with good diagrams/clear instructions, new projects (I liked the skater punk, and the pair of sumo-wrestlers!), and a low-key approach. They teach a base and then several different models that use it, so you get good practice. It should be noted that the page-a-day calendar paper is not exactly square.
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Here are my links from del.icio.us.

The ones that I have the most fun making (they litter my cube) are various monsters from the Godzilla movies. In fact, I have a huge Godzilla made from an old ERD.
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I like the mathematical models at Tom Hull's site, and paperfolding.com is a good resource - diagrams on-site, and lots of links out.

(This seems like something that's very easily google-able, if you spell origami correctly)
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Okay, thanks, everyone!
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