Good sources for aerial photography of the Dominican Republic?
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Good sources for aerial photography of the Dominican Republic?

My sister is working on her dissertation in the Dominican Republic. One of the challenges of her project is to catalog a cemetery in Villa Salma, Samana. The easiest way for her to accomplish this would be to create overlays of aerial photos of the site. Unfortunately such photos seem non-existent. Here is Google Map's offerings. Of all the map sites we've tried Google's resolution is the best, and as you can see it is very lacking. Google Earth returns the same results. I've tried a couple other sources through my work. The cemetery is quite large and comprised of mausoleums, which themselves are quite large. In the provided link you can see the cemetery in question just under the town marker and denoted by a white tree icon.

Does anyone know where she could obtain high res aerial photos of the area? She doesn't need to be able to read the grave markers or anything, just needs clear outlines of the mausoleums. There is a budget, albeit a small one, so it doesn't necessarily have to be a free source. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.
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How is her Spanish? Has she tried contacting officials from the town, or a university library in DR? There may be aerial survey photos that aren't digitized in some archive there.
posted by kaudio at 12:44 PM on June 14, 2010 claims to have 18" (0.5 meter) resolution black and white digital imagery from DigitalGlobe WorldView1, but I'm not sure that's going to be a whole lot better than the Google Maps image you've already got, and it's a whole lot more expensive. (About $3k.) (A 0.5m image allows you to clearly make out objects the size of a car, for example. See here for sample images.
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