New Windows Mobile PDA: Buy now or wait for Windows Mobile 2005?
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I really want a new PDA and am considering the Dell Axim X50v, but I've heard that Windows Mobile 2005 is due to be released "soon." Considering that I'm going to plunk down $500+, should I wait? Big questions is, how long will I have to wait to buy a PDA using the new OS? I really want WiFi and don't want to buy a card for my HP Jornada 568.
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MS always flubs launch dates - we got a bunch of Axim X5s (the first ones) and then bought Windows Mobile 2003 upgrades. fwiw, my iPaq 3950 can be upgraded too. if software's your main concern, it's really more of a question of paying for the upgrade...

jooc, where'd you read about the launch date? a cursory google search didn't return anything meaningful.
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If Dell is consistent with what it did before '03 came out... it would have an upgrade program for Axim PDAs sold between when MS announces a ship date and when it starts shipping installed.

Otherwise, you can get the regular upgrade at the regular price like mrg did when it comes out.
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I recently bought a new dell axim X30 (the previous model) with 624MHz w/ wifi and bluetooth for $300. Yes it doesn't have the new os but are you going to notice the dif? My wifi connects automatically with wireless locations with one button click. I haven't sent email yet tho.
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mrg: I thought I saw something on PocketPCThoughts about Windows Mobile 2005 being released in the spring, but of course now I can't find it again.
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Careful about the x50v -- it's screen makes some classic programs -- like my PDA scrabble -- run ok but the picture is lousy since it's VGA or what not.

Also, I'm not really sure what 2005 is going to have that you need. I got the x50 (wifi + bluetooth) and it's not holding me back to much.

If you go for the x30 you can even get wifi, bluetooth and an excellent deal.
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