What case should I get for the iPad?
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I just got my iPad and I love it. I am a bit worried however that it is going to get all scratched up and horrible if I don't start using a case soon. I would also love for that case to work as a stand in a similar way to the Apple Case, but maybe with a better look and finish. Can you recommend something?
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I am a bit worried however that it is going to get all scratched up and horrible

Just to allay your fears, the glass that Apple uses is really quite tough... so much so that the back of the forthcoming iPhone 4 is also glass. So, you know, the most important part of your iPad is pretty impervious to scratching already. Maybe you just want a nice inexpensive stand.
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There's the Cloak, but it seems like it is taking longer to produce than originally anticipated. I ended up deciding that I wasn't going to wait and got the Macally Bookstand and it is working out ok for me.
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Any neoprene case that is designed for a netbook will work out quite nicely.

As far as a stand, I had a Logitech Alto lying about, and it looks wonderful with it.
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Personally I consider the scratches on non-work surfaces a badge of honor. Computers, cars, etc are all tools and should be USED.

That said, I find the iPad too slippery to hold w/o something around it. I've got silicone case that slips over and covers the back and edges to make it nice and grippy. When I take it anywhere that it needs some carrying I have a cheapie slip-case meant for netbooks.

Both I found via links on Dealmac.com and were under $10, shipped.
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Www.dodocase.com is pretty awesome if you're into that kind of look.
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If I bought an iPad, I'd get the Incase Convertible Book Jacket for it.
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I haven't used it but this one from Hard Graft looks nice.
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Oberiondesign.com out of Sanda Rosa - the most wonderful covers for Ipad, Kindle, organizers, etc. The workman ships is to die for!
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Oops - make that Santa Rosa!
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I'm have been pondering the same dilemna and have it pared down to the Tuff-Luv Multi-View or the Marware Eco-Vue, though I have been unable to come to a decision yet.
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I have the Incase Convertible Book Jacket (linked above) for the iPad I got as a totally unexpected random gift from a relative yesterday. It's nice because it is sturdy, and also functions as a stand. It's not as pretty as something I'd pick out myself, but probably much better and more practical. It covers the case well, and when closed it looks like a notebook (the paper kind, not the computer kind), which is pretty cool.
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I looked long and hard, and finally settled on the Speck fitted case. I can set the iPad on it's back, or on it's faze without worrying about scratching it, and it makes the iPad more comfortable to hold. It also doesn't detract from the iPadness (iPaditude?) of the device.
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I got this one because it was inexpensive, while I wait for a nicer one to finally be manufactured. But so far I quite like the cheap one. I keep the pad in it when it's not charging; it's lightweight but feels pretty sturdy, and I can prop it up nicely in landscape mode.
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Oh, and remember that there are loads of great, unique handmade cases on Etsy. And if you need a bag to carry it in too, I'm very happy with this gal's vintage-fabric custom messengers.
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I got a DodoCase.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys! The Cloak looks awesome, and so does the dodocase. The easy stuff and the business card holder are a bit alternative but also quite sexy. With so many suggestions I think I'll mark this as resolved.
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If you don't mind browsing http://ipadcasefinder.com/ has a bunch of cases.
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