Looking for Japanese bank address
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Can any of you less-frustrated Japanese readers or super sleuths find the address of my former bank in Japan? It is moneykit.net, the all-electronic division of Sony Bank (ソニー銀行). So electronic, I can't find a physical address, which is required for US tax forms. All documentation is in boxes, the account is since closed, I am no longer in Japan, and my eyes are burning from all the googling in Japanese. お願い致します。
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Best answer: This page about transferring money to them gives the address "3-26 Kanda-Nishikicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0054, Japan", which it claims is the head office of Sony Bank. Not sure if that is what your US documentation is calling for, but it might be a lead.
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Best answer: Seems like Moneykit is the website of Sony Bank. Here's the address of Sony Bank from Wikipedia.

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Response by poster: Yeah, giving the transfer address makes sense. I could have sworn they were in Shinjuku, but I would rather call this done than keep searching for something I might be misremembering. Thanks.
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