What were these 1980s alien toys?
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Help me identify something from my childhood. I remember having a bunch of little "army men" style Martian figures between 1984 and 1986. They each stood about an inch tall, were made of rubber or resin of some kind (no plastic), and were basically a "Smurfs in Space" knock-off. What were these little guys?

They had no moving parts, each had the same basic head, and each had a gimmick: one pointed a ray gun, another was seated on a rocket, another one was riding in a roller coaster car, there was one with a little helicopter pack on his back, etc. They had green "skin", pointed ears, two eyes, big green oval noses, each wore a dark blue Martian uniform, and they all had smiles (no anger allowed on Mars).

There were two figures that differed from the rest: an elderly "Papa Smurf" character with a white beard and a "Smurfette" character who was the only female Martian (and the only one with hair on her head - she was a blonde). The only "playset" for these guys was a plastic flying saucer that could "seat" two characters. There were approximately thirty different characters in the whole set and each was sold seperately.

Does this ring a bell with anyone? To my knowledge there was no kiddie cartoon to go with these toys, but I wouldn't be surprised that there was supposed to be one at the time. Smurfs, Snorks, Popples, Wuzzles... why not Martians?
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Nope, but I remember those too.
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Best answer: Astrosnicks! You could get them in a Happy Meal. Too busy to google right now.
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Response by poster: YES! That's it! Mine didn't have McDonald's branding though. Thanks for your help!

I forgot about the golden robot, too.
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It was spelled Astrosniks, or just Sniks.
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What is it with the Dutch and Germans with these weird little collectable toys, anyway? Smurfs, Snicks, more?
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I guess there were green ones too.
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oh man i loved the 80's. *sob*.

here is a green one in it's own package, so I'd guess that mcdonalds distributed them later on.

check out the mcdonalds happy meal toy list for 1983 pretty cool.
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