Has anyone ever used tattoo cover-up makeup?
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Has anyone ever used tattoo cover-up makeup?

I have seen a lot of different brands that vary widely in price and guarantee, so I am looking for some personal recommendations. The tattoo is large, about 3 1/4" across, completely filled in with black, on my lower inner leg, just above the ankle bone. Thanks!
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I used Dermablend to cover severe facial bruising following jaw surgery recently, and I know they're marketed to cover bruises as well. I found the coverage to be pretty good (though it took some practice), but until the bruises faded from pure black-and-purple to lighter shades of the rainbw, I could never quite get the invisibility that they claimed was possible (this may have something to do with the fact that I don't have a professional makeup artist at my disposal).

I seem to recall that you could buy small sample sizes on the Dermablend website; also, you could go to a department store that stocks it and see if the salesperson can help determine the right shade/application for you.
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I've wanted to try a newish product from Salley Hansen for a while, which is like a spray-on cover-up for your legs; but I haven't used it personally (nor know anyone who has used it), so I don't know how strong or opaque it is. The product states that it covers and helps fade freckles, veins and imperfections.
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I second the DermaBlend. My wife uses DermaBlend on her now-regretted tattoo from 13 yrs. ago. It is pretty impressive.
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My only experience was on stage when people had tattoos and needed to cover them up (wasn't period or whatever) they would use ben nye concealer. more ben nye

at one point I think somebody used a silicone cover up or something, it didn't work very good. A nice conceiler should do the trick.
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I've used Dermablend on a tatoo that's the size of a nickle and colored red & green. I didn't think it worked very well. Dermablend is expensive and I could have got the same results from any cheap drugstore consealer. If your tat is on your legs and you'll be wearing pantyhose, I think that you'll be fine with cheap concealer.
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Wow, thanks for all the comments! I looked at the DermaBlend, and it does look good, but expensive, especially since they insist you also need the setting powder to really work well. I'm scared of getting these and finding out it's the wrong color - my legs haven't really seen the light of day for years. I've had good luck with Ben Nye makeup before, so I'm leaning towards that one, since it's also cheap enough to experiment with. I know I sound extra picky but this is for my wedding and I won't get a second chance for pictures. Thanks again!
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this is for my wedding and I won't get a second chance for pictures.

Sure you will. Photoshop!
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