How to selectively import firefox bookmarks?
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Is there a good way to import only some of the bookmarks from one Firefox profile into another?

I have two different computers that I have been using Firefox on for a while. on the newer computer, the bookmarks were 'seeded' with the exported bookmarks from the older computer. now that a couple years have passed, some of the bookmarks are the same, some have been deleted from one computer but not the other, and others are still there but have been moved to different folders.

are there any utilities that you can recommend that will allow me to see both sets of bookmarks and choose which ones i want to keep (without just copying them all to both, and trying to sort it out from there)?
I would like to do this so that I can keep them synchronized by more conventional means in the future.
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I use Xmarks on both my and my wife's profiles keeping everything in sync.
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Response by poster: monkeymadness: "I use Xmarks on both my and my wife's profiles keeping everything in sync."

yes, that's what I will be using in the future.

what i'm asking about is choosing which ones to keep or toss as part of the synchronizing process, to prevent the importation of duplicate bookmarks that might have been moved and prevent those that i've deleted from one profile from being automatically synced to the other, unless i want it to.
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Sorry. It looks like there are bookmark duplicate removal add-ons for firefox (I just googled), but that's all I can think of.
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I think the easiest way is to just sync first, delete all bookmarks from of one computer (remember to back-up before doing mass deletion), then delete what you don't want to keep off of the other computer and sync again. Yes, copying twice is going to be annoying, but easier than trying to manage things on two computers while you're sorting.
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