Where to next?
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European road trip! We're in Brugge right now, where to next?

We just have to be back in Frankfurt by Thursday. Where to tonight? We just came from a few glorious days driving around the Netherlands, so our path does not lie that way, and we're sticking around Brugge for a few hours right now, so our next journey begins in a few hours.
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Um...Brussels? Luxembourg? And then via Trier into Germany?
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Best answer: Head down to Luxembourg and then to Strasbourg. I love Strasbourg.

After that, you can maybe head East to do something like Black Forest (full of thermes and great food!)/Munich (a really fun city)/Austria. Or you could head West into France towards the Loire Valley.
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Köln (Cologne) is pretty awesome, go check out the cathedral there. Bonus, it's quite close to Frankfurt so you won't have a long drive the next day :-)
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We loved Vienna! Gets my vote.
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The thing is, the OP needs to be back in Frankfurt in two days. From Brugge.
Vienna, Munich don't seem feasible to me (at least by car and in a reasonable time).
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Köln is lovely for a short stop and is on the way but Amsterdam is only 4 hours from Frankfurt and well worth a visit if you haven't been before. Leave now to get two nights there.
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Best answer: Don't miss a stop in Aachen, just east of you at the border of Belgium and Germany (and The Netherlands). It's a beautiful little city, an amazing cathedral - from there, heading down to Koln and then further into Germany would be a lovely direction!
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Champagne in France. You can tour the cellars.
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Best answer: Brussels > Luxembourg > Strasbourg > Frankfurt

Adjust according to your schedule.
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Strasbourg is great to see for a day or two and won't take you too far out of your way.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone! We decided to stay in Brugge on more day because it's so nice here. Due to brain cells being killed last night with delicious Belgian beer, I should have mentioned that we live in Frankfurt and go to Cologne once in a while. We're going to aim for lunch in Luxembourg tomorrow (or as I'm now calling it, lunchenbourg) and then either Strasbourg for the night or somewhere in Germany. We'll keep the other destinations in mind for other roD trips. Danke!
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Cochem on the Mosel in Germany, over the border from Belgium. It's beautiful.
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I am glad you are still enjoying Brugge but it would be a shame to skip Gant on your way out of the country. It is a bit like Brugge, but with a lot fewer of those damned tourists.

If you aim for Luxembourg, don't forget to get your passport stamped (at the post office, I think; I didn't make it to LX on my recent road trip).
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Late to the party, but we loved our time in Gent last month... similar feel to Brugge but much less crowded.
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