I need to hire a WordPress person about 10 days ago.
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The person I hired on Elance.com to customize a WordPress theme is so not working out and I'm pushing right up against a deadline. How do I find someone else to finish this... right this second?

Please, pleeeease send help! I am working on the design and concept portion of a site for friends. I hired someone on Elance.com to fiddle with the PHP and CSS to further customize the theme (from Graph Paper Press) I had purchased which most closely resembles what I wanted for the site. The communication was great during the "sales" and before-production process. Since then, things have been awful, and I don't have time to do the whole bidding, vetting, etc. process again. I thought I'd done due diligence the first time around. Argh.

I can't exactly open the phone book and flip to "WordPress." What do I do? Do I go back to another Elance bid? Wading through folks on the web is confusing and frustrating and I have no idea who'll get back to me quickly and with a price I can afford (a few hundred dollars).

While I have an open text box, what I'm asking for runs along the lines of:
- change background color and width of page
- answer my questions about using my custom graphics for blog dates, etc.
- rearrange some elements of the main page
- add the Twitter feed and links to Facebook, etc.
- add the header and footer that I created
- use wpaudioplayer and answer my question about what happens if someone tries to play two things at once. :P

The original quote included some custom stuff for the back end for the site owners to use, but that is so far beyond what is currently being done that it's just not going to happen and I don't even care anymore. I have learned a lot about WP over the last couple of months, but I do need to find someone who'll be communicative and willing to tweak things at least once.

Any help? Thank you so very much.
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Best answer: Metafilter Jobs!
posted by Admiral Haddock at 4:33 PM on June 7, 2010

Best answer: I've used MeFi jobs for this at least 3 times with good results.
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Best answer: There are SO many techy people who frequent Metafilter who could do this.

3rding MetaFilter Jobs.

Short of that, you could try Craigslist Computer Gigs if you live in a pretty big city. Just make sure they understand the deadline and look at their past work.
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Response by poster: I'm hitting MeFi Jobs, then! Thank you!
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