Reasonably priced thematic photo slideshow creator?
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I'm looking for software to create a themed photo slideshow from existing pictures. For example, I want a bunch of pics from a conference to have a "Wild West" theme (or "spy" or "beach", etc.) - frames/background and (ideally) background music. Prefer under $100, but I want to know regardless of price point. Anything out there?
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I like also.
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We've used animoto to good effect. I'm not quite sure if it fits your "thematic" needs, though.
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Not sure about the thematic angle, other than iMovie themes, but my favourite slideshow tool is Photo to Movie for $50. My vimeo page has a few samples of how I use it.
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Best answer: Turns out I was looking for a multi-track video editor: Corel's VideoStudio Pro X3 fits the bill, so that was the recommendation I made to the person who asked me. VSP has some nifty preloaded video backgrounds (the "theme" idea I was looking for) that you can superimpose pics and/or video on, and there are more downloadable images & video at their site. The trial version of the software is fully functional.

Thanks for the other pointers. It was fun trying those out.
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