Need a recommendation of brand & model for a cheap Ubuntu (Lucid) workstation.
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I need a recommendation of brand & model for a cheap Ubuntu (Lucid) workstation. My main concerns are Ubuntu hardware compatibility without a lot of configuration, overall dependability, & parts availability.

I've wound up handling equipment procurement in a small not-for-profit organization. I'm not really qualified for this role. :)

We currently have a hodge-podge of 3 machines, and it makes tracking configurations and repair more difficult. Ideally I would like multiples of the same unit: 2 machines, 1 backup, and maybe 1 for parts. Budget: Ideally $500 or under, limit of $1000.

Web browsing, PDF viewing/printing, OpenOffice, nothing fancy.
Maybe accounting software (ala Quickbooks/Quicken) in the future.

Current peripherals:
LaserJet 4050N, connect via parallel or ethernet
Linksys WRT54G

I desire:
Dependability and/or good parts availability.
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Response by poster: I knew I was forgetting something.

Form factor is open. We currently get by with a mixture of AT, XT, laptop.
The ability to keep horizontal ATX units on a shelf vs. floor or desk is tempting, but I don't know if there are other drawbacks. We would not need more than 2 internal drives, and have no need for optical drives.
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The easiest way to guarantee your hardware's Linux compatibility is to buy from a vendor that's already done that for you. You could just pick one of these.
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As for model, of the things on that page, any of them configured with any of the dual-core CPUs offered for them and 2GB memory would be very comfortable overkill for your described use.
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Another vote for ZAReason.
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I'm a very big fan of System76 ( Good computers, good configurability when buying, and great customer support.
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