Where have all good polos gone?
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Where can I find polos like Express used to make from 06-08?

I am a man. I hate clothes shopping and would really rather not spend an entire weekend trying on different things. So maybe MeFites can recommend clothes to me.

I used to really love the toned-down conservative-looking polos they had at Express Men. The "Classic Polo" in particular was 100% awesomegoodness. But Express Men is no longer toned-down and conservative-looking. In particular, their new polos have colors that make my eyeballs bleed (blue on neon green? really?), and they went from classic thick cotton to some kind of stretchy nonsense.

I would like to replace my fraying shirt collection of yesteryear with new versions of the same. Requirements:
(1) Classic, thick cotton
(2) No wacky colors, preferably a good selection of non-pastels as well
(3) The cut should be somewhat fitted
(4) Not ridiculously expensive. I'd prefer not to pay $50+ for each shirt. $20 would be ideal.

So far the closest match is the athletic polo from Gap. Any other suggestions?
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Best answer: Old Navy is great for polos. The fit might not be as fitted as you want, but the price is right and they have tons of colors and patterns to choose from.
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Lands End pretty much defines the traditional, conservative polo. Well made, too.
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I second Lands End and nominate LL Bean as well -- they have sales all the time, too. I got a $10 off coupon a few months ago at Bean.
J Crew is nice, too if you don't mind paying a bit more. And they probably fit the way you like, too.
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The Lands' End "Canvas" line also has a polo that would fit, here
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I haven't bought one, but I contemplated the polos by Bonobos recently.
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Response by poster: Thanks tetralix: Old Navy is pretty much exactly what I'm looking for. The fit isn't quite as awesome, but the price is perfect ($8/ea) and the texture is right. At that price I could probably take them to a tailor and still come out ahead. Thanks!
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