Transferring all messages from one Gmail account to another.
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Is there a, preferably automated, way of transfering all messages & attachments from one gmail account to another?

My co-supervisor, the primogenitor of mine and my friends' Gmail accounts, and an overall nice guy get a gig of mail every few months. He would like to have his current address be the 'hot' address and transfer all his old messages currently sitting in his Gmail account into another Gmail account.

Is there a way to do this while maintaining the tags and conversation threads?

If he downloads all of his messages via pop3, is there a way to upload them all to another gmail account such that the tags/conversation threads are preserved?
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I think multiple accounts are against the TOS. They certainly were in the early days.

If not, it's still not technically possible. You can't upload via their POP3, only download.

My suggestion would be that he gets a forwarding address on a personal domain, and just directs it to whatever his current gmail account is. He can set the reply address in Settings so they match.
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gExodus can import mail to a Gmail account that is in the mbox format. (I'll leave converting to mbox as an exercise for the reader; there are many ways.)

See also Gmail Tools.
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I'm writing a program in Python to transfer all my old mail on disk Gmail. The Python email packages are really easy to use, and if you have programming experience you would find it fairly trivial to write something that downloads POP and sends it out again via SMTP.
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Thanks everyone! I guess there isn't a pre-packaged solution to the problem, after all.

The person in question is technically literate but not a programmer so I guess d/ling everything by pop3 (Gmail to mail - if the link ever comes back online - he's strictly an OSX user) then gExodusing it back into Gmail is a solution.

Pity that the lables/convo-threads probably won't be preserved.
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