Server licensing problems
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What all licensing do I need for a Citrix XenApp server to run on windows Server 2008 R2?

I have 200 users that need to access applications in Citrix from outside of a network. At most there are 30 on at a time. What all licensing do I need? I know I need 200 server 2008 CALs, do I need 200 Terminal server CALs, or can TS CALs be licensed concurrently? And then there is the Citrix licensing on top of that. If it matters, these users will be using a varied environment of machines both personal ones from home, and work issued laptops. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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TS CAL's are by user or device, so you'll want 200 TS user CALs. Citrix licenses are concurrent, so you'll only need 30.
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Response by poster: So over $10,000 just for the terminal services cals, not even talking about Citrix, how can this even be a reasonable solution to the problem of getting access to do work from outside the office.
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VPN + Remote Desktop instead if you don't want to pay roughly $200 a head.
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