AC and Sickness
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Going from hot apartment to air conditioned home to hot apartment... Will I get sicker?

I live on the top floor of a high-rise apartment building. I rarely use the AC (the heat doesn't really both me; it's usually around 85) but I do use fans during the day and when I sleep. I'm home for about 5 days and going back to the apartment on Sunday. My home is AC'd and the temperature is around 75, much cooler to my skin.

In the mist of the week I developed a frog in my throat and am slightly warm (internally). I know temperature changes aren't the direct cause of sickness but I get like this whenever the temperature changes.

I also start my new job on Monday and I do not want to be sick. Sunday I'm going back to the apartment. Would it be better for my health in the short term to sleep in the hot apartment or get an AC beforehand for my small bedroom?
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Or maybe the question is better stated "Will I FEEL sicker?" Even though I feel warm my temperature is around 97.5. I don't believe I'm actually sick and it may be part psychological.
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Can you set the temp of the house higher by 3 or so degrees a day til you leave?
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Unless you are sure it has been done regularly, I think you should change the filter on the AC, and getting one of the better micro filters too. I don't like air conditioning much either, and feel much better with a fan in an 85f room. I think the sore throats and sinus problems come from air getting recycle and little fresh air ever coming in.
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(Opps meant to make a more direct answer too) Getting back to a room where you have been comfortable shouldn't make you feel worse, for me when i have a cold or something warm feels better. Switch back and forth might hurt, but what you are talking about (probably, maybe, I think) won't hurt.
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There is, IMO, no physical reason why going back to the apartment should affect you. In some ways, if you are coming down with a cold, getting back to the warmer, more moist air will be better for you. At the worst, if necessary, you could turn on the A/C at your apartment, but I don't think you would need it.
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