Parking in Paris: How did you get that in there?!
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Paris people: Imagine you were staying in the 13e from Saturday until mid next week, and had the misfortune to arrive here by car. Where would you park it, preferably paying between free and one arm, rather than an arm and a leg? Don't bother telling me I don't need a car here, because actually, I do.

It's not so big (Mercedes A180). I'm looking for specific garage or street recommendations, or heck, nearby MeFites with rented spaces who will be at the beach with their cars. The weekdays I go to Versailles and hopefully will leave north on the A1 later in the week.
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The only car park I've used in Paris was this one: Parking 2000

It was underground, secure with each car had an individual (non-locking) garage, so it was out of sight, and 5 mins walk from a metro stop.

It's up in 19e though, so don't know how much help it is - but there's plenty of other garages available on that website, including one for 45 euros for 5 days: Parking Wurtz

Seems a fairly reasonable price, but it depends on the value you place on your arms and legs! :)
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Try small side streets in Ivry, just on the other side of the city limit. It may not be free, but it won't necessarily be as outrageous as Paris itself.
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this page links the available parkings in the 13e.

The first to seem to cost about 70€ for a week.

Are you driving to versailles or taking the RER ? it might cost you less to park it outside of the city.

Alternatively, if you're driving it to work, you should be able to park it in the street for free between 7pm an 7am
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Response by poster: The best answer turns out to be that the weather should be so so great that you punt Paris entirely, despite previous reservations and social commitments, and go to the "beach."

This weekend turned out to be my first at Etretat, including a visit to Giverny on the way back to Versailles. Instead of fighting for a parking space, we took advantage of a camping place over the sea between Etretat and Fecamp. Good decision all around.

Thanks for the replies, and I will keep this for reference in future ventures.
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