I just don't have the time!
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I'm looking for a specific timeline that a colleague of mine had about five years ago.

I'm looking for a timeline of the history of the world from creation to today. The timeline was a huge scroll that would probably take up at least one wall of a typical classroom, long and about a foot or two high. Each section of time has pictures of the animals/creatures that existed during it. The design was like a coloring book, ie you had to color it yourself. The whole thing was also to scale so that different time periods had bigger or shorter spaces depending on how many millions of years they contained.

She was a Montessori teacher, but I've googled Montessori timeline, time line coloring page, as many things as I can think of. I've also checked out the other timeline posts, but they don't seem to be what I want. The timeline is definitely out there, but I'm specifically looking for the kid-friendly coloring scroll one.
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I believe those are sometimes called "histomaps," if that helps you with your Googling.
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Best answer: Not what you wanted, but you can make one out of toilet paper!
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Response by poster: CathyG that is bloody awesome! I will definitely be using that demonstration in my class! The whole thing will be even better since our hallways in school aren't really that long so we will have to cross several levels. : )
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This is the only one I know.
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Best answer: Glad to help.

Here are some elementary lesson plans and coloring pages that you may be able to use in conjunction with making your own timeline.

And here's a really detailed list of things that you might want to put onto your timeline. Everyone in the class can make an entry!

And if you decide to expand more of the human things onto a timeline, I would suggest that you figure out how many years you want to display and make a separate human timeline using its own scale of years/squares of TP showing all of our human glory. Then after it's done, squish it by pushing/folding each end into the center to make it really tiny from side to side and staple it up next to that tiny little line at the very end of the universal timeline. I think that would really get the imagination in gear to show just how much we think we are compared to how little we've been doing it.

I don't know why I'm so interested in this. I don't have any connection to schools or science; I'm just googling around.
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Response by poster: Thanks to everyone for the help. Still not exactly what I was looking for, but I think a hand-made, student-made timeline will probably teach them more anyway. I like both the idea of the toilet paper timeline and the idea to make a separate human timeline and scrunch it all up at the end. I'll probably use the toilet paper one is couple weeks and the scrunched human one this fall.

: )
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