Blackberry 8900 Issues
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I was given a Blackberry 8900 that the person could not get to work correctly. I am just wondering if it is worth my time to get running or if it is even a possibility.

Basically it does not want to sync with the BB desktop software. I also want to possibly use it with my cell carrier, VirginMobile - it was originally a T-Mobile phone.

Is there a way to blank out the phone memory and start from scratch? Even if i cannot get to work with Virgin, if I could get it working I know of a few TM people who might be interested in it.

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settings, advanced settings, security, press the blackberry button, wipe handheld.

or something similar. might be different on newer models. but wiping it resets to factory.
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It'll cost you $20-$30 to unlock the phone so you can use your Virgin SIM. Most phone repair places will do it for you, or there are online unlocking services.

To perform a factory reset, use the following: Options menu -> Security Options -> General Settings. Then press the menu key, and choose 'Wipe handheld' from the menu. You might have ti enter a password - I think the default is 'Blackberry'.

As for the desktop software, you might want to try reinstalling it. And then give some more details about how far it works - does it detect the handset, for example?
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I checked online and saw that "wipe button" instruction, but for the life of me cannot find it. I have looked thru all the menus and it is just not on my phone, or so hidden that I am not seeing it.

Regarding the BB sw re-install, I have done that a couple of times for good measure to no avail.

I did see one thing that concerned me though - in one of the screens, it lists the phone as being refurbished this year. Could be that this phone is just a clunker altogether.

Well, thanks for the input. I guess this one is going into the junk drawer.

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I was my firm's resident Blackberry Bitch for a number of years. MeMail me if you want to pursue it further - unless they're physically destroyed, there is almost always a way to make a Blackberry behave.
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The wipe is hidden on purpose. You have to push the button with the BlackBerry logo to open the menu inside of the settings area to see the option. I suspect a factory reset will do the trick.
If it doesn't, you can download the newest BlackBerry Operating System from TMobile (linky) that is a bit more in depth than just a wipe handheld. This will put your phone on the newest OS available from TMo and then you should be able to work with it there.
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Both good ideas....working on it now. Thanks!
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I got the device to reset using the TMobile BB software. Well at least the memory is wiped. Now I just have to get VirginMobile to accept it as a valid device. They said earlier that they needed the previous number to activate it.
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You can't use this phone with Virgin Mobile USA. The 8900 is a GSM phone and requires a SIM card. Virgin Mobile is a subsidiary of Sprint and used Sprint's CDMA network.

There is no such thing as a Virgin Mobile USA SIM card.
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...of course this is assuming you meant T-Mobile USA and Virgin Mobile USA. Your profile lists your location as "IL" which I take is "Illinois."
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ethnomethodologist: That was an answer I was looking for. Thanks.

There is a BB that VMUSA offers, but it is not this model. Shame...thought I had a cheapee, quick fix!
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(well not the answer I *wanted*, but good to know and not waste time with the BB)
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