Ob/Gyn's and Hospitals in Toronto
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What is the best hospital in downtown Toronto to have a baby? Do you know someone who really liked the hospital they delivered their baby in? Can you or someone you know recommend a women Ob/Gyn?

Any other early pregnancy advice would be appreciated.
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My sister's delivered multiple times at Women's College, and as far as I'm aware, she generally had a good experience. Whether it's the _best_ or not, I don't know!
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Have a read through The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth, consider having your baby at home (though in Ontario you will likely need to hustle to get a midwife; they are booked up early and fast, or at least they were a few years ago). I could not be paid to have anything to do with the pile of institutional crazy that is a modern hospital maternity ward again.

Sounds pretty bitter, but, I wish somebody had made it that plain to me, and it doesn't sound like you have a high-risk pregnancy concern?
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N'thing loving the midwife-assisted homebirths over the bereaucratic hospital one where I wasn't allowed to push or deliever because the dr wasn't ready. The midwife shortage has been almost eliminated in the GTA.
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Women's College is moving their L&D department up to a new birthing centre at Sunnybrook in September. It's supposed to provide the US style birthing centre experience (more access to the equipment used in alternative birthing styles, while still being close to the hospital if anything goes wrong).
Mount Sinai delivers the most babies each year of all hospitals in Canada, and they successfully deliver many high risk pregnancies each year.
St Mike's is another option, and they have midwives on staff who also have community clinics.
There are lots of options, and even a hospital birth can be a lovely, low-intervention experience if that is what you want.
Feel free to contact me.
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I forgot to add:
As for Ob/Gyn, this is a very personal choice. I love my OB, but I know one of her (former) patients who couldn't stand her. For me, she is the best choice, because I trust her, and we understand each other. Feel free to "shop around" and let the OB know if it isn't working for you, and that you'd like to see someone else. They won't be offended! They're professionals, and understand that sometimes personalities will clash.
Good luck!
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Seconding Women's College. Their nursing staff was absolutely wonderful--hopefully they continue to be so after the move to Sunnybrook. I felt comfortable, secure, and well looked after.
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