How can I keep my feet dry in the rain?
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Help me find cute, comfortable, commuter-friendly, professional, and waterproof shoes.

I'm looking for a pair of cute, comfortable, professional, waterproof flats that I can wear on my commute, which involves several blocks of walking and a train ride that usually requires standing. Professional shoes at my workplace means peep-toe is okay but sandals and the like are not.

I've got lots of flats, but none that I can wear on rainy days without ruining them. Flip-flops are out since they tend to fling water up the back of one's legs. Galoshes or rain boots are out since I hate them--they're always heavy and hard to walk in for me. And, frankly, I don't want to deal with carrying a second pair of shoes to change into when I get to work or leaving shoes at the office that will match every outfit, so ideally these shoes would be something I could wear all day long.

Specific shoe recs would be great! I'm find shopping in brick and mortar stores in NYC or online shoe stores like Zappos. I'd rather spend less than $50 or so. Thanks!
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Looking through Zappos, this seems to be your best option if you're looking for a blend of waterproof and relatively fashionable-looking. There are some nice-looking waterproof boots on there as well, but they are well over your price range, and probably aren't season-friendly.
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How about Marais shoes? Maryjane, Mercer. These aren't officially waterproof, but they're made of patent leather and rubber soles. The company is based in NYC and has plenty of stockists although they may not carry every style.
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Here is a selection of water-resistant Keens.
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I've wanted an excuse to buy L.L. Bean's waterproof Rain Skimmers. Sounds like you've got it. Their peep-toe patent skimmers are pretty spiffy, too.
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And, frankly, I don't want to deal with carrying a second pair of shoes to change into when I get to work or leaving shoes at the office that will match every outfit, so ideally these shoes would be something I could wear all day long.

Consider that by leaving just one pair of shoes at work, you get the same end result as having just one pair of shoes that you wear to commute in the rain - i.e., the same pair of shoes for any rainy day. However, the benefit of leaving a pair of shoes at work is that you don't end up wearing a "compromise" shoe (somewhat waterproof, somewhat office-friendly, fasionable and comfy) all day. Additionally, you have an extra pair of shoes at work in case something goes wrong with your regular shoes during the day.

If you decide to go this route, I highly recommend Keen waterproof sandals for the commute portion. I've had mine for a year now and they are holding up well.
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I adore Crocs. There are many cute styles now, and they're no longer the homely oafish beach shoes everyone scoffs at. I have the Malindi and the "Lady" styles which I wear daily and get a lot of compliments. (Really!) The Lily, McCall, and Olivia are also very attractive styles and would look nice with office clothes. All are waterproof and in your price range. They're the comfiest shoes you'll ever wear, I promise.
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Well those links didn't work, sorry! Trying again... Malindi, Lady, Lily, McCall, Olivia
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I bought these for their looks - turns out they are made for the water! In fact, I wore them into the lake this weekend and aside from sand collecting in the toes, they are none the worse for wear. I also trooped around Seattle in them over spring break, so I can vouch for their walkability, as well.
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Seconding cuddles.mcsnuggy's rec for Crocs flats. I recently bought a pair of the Lady style for summer and they are great for warm and rainy days when my Hunter boots would be overkill. One caveat: they can be a bit slippery if water gets in them. Also, they are available in whole sizes only, so if you are a half size, you either have to get them slightly big or slightly small. I opted for slightly big.
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Melissa shoes are awesome in the rain, as well as being extremely cute. Some of their styles are more office-friendly than others, though.
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I swear by cheap Target synthetic material flats for rain. Rubber soles so you have traction, and they don't get wet. Just make sure to avoid ones that are porous cloth or real leather, but that's a no-brainer as far as telling which is which.
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erp, hit enter too fast. They have plenty of office-appropriate styles, and I get more compliments on my Target shoes than I do my more expensive ones.
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Response by poster: I've always hated the smell of Crocs but figured I'd give them a try since the new styles are pretty cute. Alas, I am apparently exactly a half-size, as the 7s are too tight and the 8s feel precarious.

Many of the others are exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks, everyone! Will select best answer when I find a pair to bring home.
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