BBC error or media diplomacy?
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Last night on BBC's news site I saw a scrolling headline like this: "UN's Ban Ki-moon calls for lift of Gaza Blockade". Clicking on it took one to the story about the flotilla in which Netanyahu says "We had no choice" or some such. Today the headline is gone from the Beeb.

The only site that seems to have a similar story is Voice of America. Why would the BBC run this headline, then lose it? Jumping the gun? Misquote? Stifled somehow?
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There's a story with the "we had no choice" quote in it and the call for the liftting of the blockade from Ban Ki-Moon right here. Is that what you saw?
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Response by poster: Huh! "UN chief Ban Ki-moon also demanded that Israel lift its blockade of the Gaza Strip immediately." Why was this earlier considered headline-worthy, I wonder, but not now?
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The BBC News online headlines are regularly updated. It was probably pushed down by Derrick Bird.
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It wouldn't be news if it wasn't updated frequently.
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It's not working now, but Revisionista used to/still does track the evolution of BBC News articles from the title through to the content of the article.

If it gets up and running again you'll be able to see what happened to the article you mention.
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Borked link: try this one.
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BBC updates its scroll constantly. There's no deprecation of a news piece indicated or implied by its being removed from a constantly updated scroll. Right now the scroll has Rue McClanahan on it. That will probably be removed in a few hours for another more up-to-date piece of news. They aren't dissing Rue McClanahan by moving her off the scroll.
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Response by poster: Thanks y'all. I guess I was just surprised that the UN calling for lifting of the blockade wasn't more of a prominent thing, rather than a buried item.
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Best answer: The thing is, fish tick, it isn't really news. The UN has been criticizing the blockade since it was instituted. The UN Human Rights Commission sent a fact-finding mission that essentially recommended taking preparatory steps for a war crimes prosecution -- last September.

Frankly, though, the Secretary-General is toothless and Israel knows it. Heck, they've ignored not just Assembly resolutions over the decades but flat-out flouted Security Council resolutions. Particularly in the case of Israel, then, there isn't much news to this item.
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