How to turn a line and curve table in to a drawing
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How do I turn a line and a curve table from a plat into a drawing (CAD commands are ok, or importing a spreadsheet would be better.)

The final drawing could be any form, vector or raster. Awesome formats would be SHP or DXF. I am using ProgeCAD, a free CAD program, but I also have access to AutoCAD 98.

This is an example of the line and curve table.
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This site might be somewhat helpful, but the instructions don't seem too detailed. I've used Cad for drawing straight chord bearings, but I don't have any experience with curves. I would also like to know if there is a program available that creates drawings from imported plat tables.
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It seems like it would be relatively straightforward to write a perl script (or python or ruby or whatever your poison is) to read that table and spit out SVG or DXF.
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The ShapeLib Tools allow you to manually build up SHP files from the command line - but SHP doesn't do curves, only line segments.
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Revit will draw property lines from a metes and bounds table. I bet autocad civil would have a tool for this, too, but I'm not familiar with it. In regular autocad, I've used the manual method outlined in BK's link above. Also, I didn't spend a lot of time looking, but this google search might turn up a LISP routine to automate the process.
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