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I need to be ready to start shooting a timelapse video tomorrow morning. It'll last approx 5 days. I have problems making my camera talk to my laptop.

Create a 5 day timelapse video.

iBook G4 + Sony HDR FX1000E + Gawker

Gawker doesnt see the HDR FX1000 when it's connected. Am I missing something or is it simply not compatible with Mac/Gawker?

I had Gawker working once with an old DV Camcorder, but I really want to shoot this in HD.
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How committed to Gawker are you? I ask because an alternative you could consider is Boinx iStopMotion, the demo is good for 5 days, and it does time lapse nicely. I haven't used it specifically with an HD camera, but its support seems pretty universal, so I can't see a reason it wouldn't work.

At the very least, it might give you an option.
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I think the issue lies with the camera/computer, not Gawker. I know Apple previously used a specialized library for importing HDV video with Final Cut Pro that was not available to other applications.
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Response by poster: I'm inclined to agree with tip120 - There isn't a glimmer of recognition from the iBook that the camera has been connected.


Gawker = Free
Boinx iStopMotion = Not Free
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For my timelapse video needs I used a point-and-shoot digital still camera and a free open-source program called gphoto2. As it was a still camera, I had no problem getting a high resolution.

I used it on Linux, but the website implies it has Mac OS X support.
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An alternative that I have used in the past, in a similar vein to Mike1024, is with a Canon point and shoot with the CHDK firmware. The limiting factor for me was battery life, but over the course of 5 days you would probably have to figure out a storage solution as well.
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