Best NYC thrift store for men's suits
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Where do I buy a used men's suit in New York City?

I need a general purpose suit (dark, classic design) and don't want to spend a lot. I figured I could get higher quality for the same price at a thrift store. I've heard that New York City thrift stores often have good clothing, and I'm here for a few days. Am I likely to find something? Where should I go?
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Housing Works
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Also, the Salvation Army on Bedford Ave in Williamsburg has been good to me - also the huge Goodwill in Chelsea is a dumping ground for unsold stock.
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Also go to century 21 in the financial district....they have awfully cheap suits (even though they are new)....and often brand name.....I bought a Calvin Klein tuxedo not long ago for about $150.
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Be warned, Century 21 is a madhouse at almost all hours.
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You didn't mention your price range, but you can get a new suit for ~$100 at SYMS on 42 Trinity Pl. It's right near the C21 mentioned above so you can hit up both. Otherwise, the Goodwill on 121st and 3rd is a great place for used clothes; it's where UES/UWS people donate their stuff. My coworker got a pair of really nice Prada heels for a song there, so I'll assume they have nice suits for just as cheap.
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In case it's not clear "UES/UWS people" = people who have a lot of money and so who may have donated a used suit with a classic design.
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Seconding The Whelk. Housing Works has great stuff and is a great cause.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, and thanks Whelk.

Housing Works has a lot of locations--are one or two of the stores particularly, er, suited to my needs?

I had specifically heard that UES/UWS people donate good stuff, which is why I wanted to get the suit in NYC. From your answers so far it seems like Chelsea may be a good place to check out a few stores. Opinions one way or another?
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Response by poster: Does anyone know about the Arthritis Foundation store?
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The one with the biggest men's selection seems to be the one on ....17th street, but for some reason they tend to run pricer then the other branches.
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You're MUCH better off--if you're a fairly regular size--at Tokyo 7. A much smaller selection but much better.

Please, please when purchasing a used suit, then spend another $15 on a good tailor.
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Seconding the Housing Works on 17th St. I used to get lots of great shirts for my bf there. The one on the UWS doesn't seem to have as great a selection of men's wear.
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Ina, on Bleecker near the Bowery, and their men's store on Prince St. near Elizabeth. It's a couture consignment store, not a thrift shop, but they have excellent suits.
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Hands down it's 88th street and 2nd avenue good will. It's amazing, and upstairs is ALL MENS SUITS for like $20 or less. Once I found a Paul Smith shirt! Also, This article might help.
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WARNING about the Salvation Army on Bedford, it's got bedbugs and rats. GALORE
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