Anyone read Chinese?
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Can anyone tell me what this Chinese lettering says? It's on a silk jacket I now own.
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The wife says it reads:

New York Old Horse

"Horse" may be a person's name.
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Something to do with baseball perhaps... with the Yankees emblem on the sleeve?

Yogi Berra used to wear 38 before he switched numbers a couple times and finally ended up with 8.
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This page is the only one I could find in Google with the phrase (紐約老馬). From Babel Fish it looks like it might refer to a basketball team in New York founded by a 92-year-old Chinese basketball veteran, but the translation is too crummy to be certain.
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(I meant, for feebleminded me to be certain)
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ask hanzismatter? If it makes sense they may be less than interested in translating, but if it's messed up... :-P
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Old Horse is sort of a Chinese euphemism for "seniors". The person in gubo's article was captain of the first Taiwanese Old Horses team in 1966 and encouraged friends to start similar teams worldwide - New York's Old Horses seems to have been the first established outside Taiwan. So basically what you have is a jacket from a New York senior basketball league.
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