Recommendations wanted for a mobile hard drive
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Anyone have any favourites when it comes to mobile hard drives? I'm looking to replace a 40GB+ Lacie Pocketdrive unit.

I don't think Lacie make Pocketdrives any more, and my first failed badly. Now its replacement is making suspicious whirring noises. I need something that can handle being stuffed into a shoulder bag and hauled backwards and forwards to various offices every day. Someone must make a fantastic bullet proof, high capacity USB 2.0 or Firewire drive? Thanks in advance.
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The iPods are brilliant, and unused space can be filled with songs.
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I second the ipod, i have a 40 gig and i use it for storage and music.
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The SmartDisk FireLite is great. I bought a few to rotate through to backup a server. It's quite small (not iPod small, but very small), FireWire-based, and I'm yet to have any trouble.
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Why not just make a custom one? Cut out the middle man.

Buy a 3.5" or 2.5" hard drive and get a USB 2.0 Portable Drive Enclosure.

I wouldn't do it any other way.
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My friends that don't have an iPod but do have a USB hard drive typically bought a standard enclosure and a laptop 2.5" hard drive.
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Unless you really wanted an mp3 player, the iPod makes no sense in this situation.

a] 60GB iPod = $500

b] 80GB USB 2.0 drive (enclosure and all) = $80

Net savings: $420
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Thanks everyone. The FireLite looks very promising, especially as it comes in up to 100GB flavours. I never really got into the whole iPod thing (and bought a Zen Micro instead) - guess I don't really like the idea of carrying unnecessary and potentially important data around when all I want is music. Had I been an early adopter I suspect I'd have a different view.
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