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After a 10 year hiatus, I've started roleplaying again. What are some good community sites?

I played AD&D second edition back in middle and high school, pre-internet. Now I've gotten into Pathfinder. Aside from Paizo and Wizards (D&D in its current incarnation is still interesting to me even if I don't play it), what are some great community sites, blogs, podcasts, etc?

I really enjoy discussing game design, so am especially looking for two types of sites:
1) where people share the modules, settings, classes, maps and other content they've created
2) where GMs and players talk about meta-game issues. (Like how Gabe at Penny-Arcade talks about how he engages certain play styles, or experiments with play-by-email.)

I'm starting here, btw, but since it's been a year since that question was asked, maybe there are some new suggestions?
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Enworld is still pretty much the class of the bunch. I don't get around that much, but people seem to like Giant in the Playground and Order of the Stick as well.

Penny Arcade has a podcast, and they get some cool stuff from WotC, I don't delve any deep than that.
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Best answer: I'd second Gnome Stew from the previous thread you linked to. You Meet in a Tavern is a low-activity but still frequently-visited roleplaying forum, with a lot of the same crowd.

Fear The Boot is a popular gaming podcast that discusses a variety of games, the meta aspects of those games (mechanics, adventure creation, etc.), and different play / gm styles. They also have an active forum.

For finding gamers in your area, I'd recommend

When you're ready to get your geek humor on, the archive of the D&D PSA series [youtube short films] is pretty hilarious. And GOLD is an ongoing-series about fictional "professional roleplaying gamers" preparing for "The World Goblins & Gold Role Playing Game Championship".

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Obsidian Portal isn't so much community-discussion, but rather a place for players/GMs to manage their own games, but it also has a good database of user-created characters and items.
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The forums are excellent - very good (though tightly moderated) community. More towards the 4e D&D side of things, but you'll get a good response to Pathfinder and 3.5 queries, and the archives are full of goodness (google what you're looking for with "" on the end, as they don't have forum search for performance reasons).
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I also like Pen and Paper Games for general RPG goodness.
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Best answer: I second myself. I don't find they have a 4e bias, though I typically hang out in Tabletop Open.

However I find the best place to find blogs is currently The RPG Bloggers Network. I'm hoping they will get around to reviewing my application eventually.

I know it has a bad reputation among some crowds but I've really enjoyed twitter, largely from the RPG discussion on it. Several of the core D&D designers are on it as are a number of cool bloggers & industry people. Not to mention the hordes and hordes of other gamers. The conversations tend to be less incendiary then most forums, though less detailed.

Personally my favourite blog is (Stargazer is also a cool guy to talk to).

Rereading your post I must say Gnome Stew sounds very close to what you want.
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I hope Metafilter doesn't mind double posting as I just thought of another you might like: The Grand OGL Wiki. It is a bunch of OGL products with just the OGL parts posted. He gets permission from each publisher first, which is sadly preventing him from posting a lot of stuff as he can't reach them. Anyway it has a ton of 3.5 and pathfinder stuff. Oh and it has original content as well.

I've enjoyed The Musings of a Chatty DM in the past.

Oh and of course NewbieDM.... There are a lot of cool RPG places around. Probably because so many geeks play D&D and other RPGs.

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Response by poster: Thanks for all the links so far! I've marked the ones closest to what I'm specifically looking for as my best answers, but everything so far looks to be good resources.
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