Encrypting Text Files in Ubuntu/Win7
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What is the best and easiest security methods to use when encrypting and storing important text files on Ubuntu?

I am looking to encrypt important client login information using some kind of encryption system. I have looked into TrueCrypt, PGP, and others. Currently, I use PGP, but I am looking for simple method of encrypting plain text files with just a simple password. I would prefer methods which do not require key files which can be lost and render all my data useless (has happened before).

This is primarily for Ubuntu, but cross-OS methods are always appreciated.
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Use pgp or gpg in symmetrical mode.
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Sorry, on a phone. Here's the url for the link I mangled: http://advosys.ca/viewpoints/2006/07/pgp-symmetric-encryption/ .
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With gpg (the gnu version of pgp which is what you are probably using on Ubuntu) you can do this the --symmetric / -c optio. It willl prompt you for a password.
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bcrypt is really convenient. You use the same command to encrypt and decrypt, and it leaves no extra files when it is done encrypting.
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We use the almost ever present openssl.
$ openssl enc -rc4 -e -in foo.txt -out foo.enc
$ openssl enc -rc4 -d -in foo.enc -out foo.txt
$ openssl enc help
Pick your cipher, there are a bazillion of them.
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Yeah, a million ways to do this. Here's with openssl and gzip:

encrypt: gzip -9c <plainfile | openssl bf -salt >cryptedfile
decrypt: openssl bf -d -salt -in cryptedfile | gzip -cd >plainfile

You can find openssl and gzip binaries for Windows, both in native or Cygwin flavors.
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Thanks everyone! I decided to use 'gpg -c' since I was already a bit familiar with GPG. I looked into openssl and I think it will accomplish the same thing if I later choose to read the man page for that. openssl seems to provide a lot more options.

If anyone is interested in using either method, you may save some time by installing 'nautilus-actions' and creating an encrypt command similar to 'gpg -c %M'.
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