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App Filter: I'm looking for a plant identification/database app for the ipod touch. Any suggestions?

I'm looking to do some different gardening designs and being able to identify, store, and keep plant ID info on hand would be very useful, whether it's when I'm out and I see a planting design I like, or if I'm trying to do a planting design.

I have a 2nd gen 8GB ipod touch. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with a camera so I can't just take a picture of the plant. I do, however, have some basic plant knowledge so I'd be able to identify the Family name and sometimes, even the Genus.

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Is that the type of app you're looking for?
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I did some more research and I guess what I was hoping for was a review of a plant database app and how it might best fit my requirements. If anyone's interested, this blog post pretty much contains most of the programs that I found:

They all cost quite a substantial bit of money and they're all somewhat similar so I'm still not quite sure which one to get. If only there were a trial version...
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