Best traffic-less route to Cape May, NJ from Madison, NJ
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I have at least two options of going to Cape May from Madison, NJ. Everyone tells me traffic will be insane no matter when I leave. Anyway, it looks like I have at least two routes. 1) I can take the parkway all the way down. 2) I have the option of taking 206-S and then getting on the GSP right after Atlantic City near exit 38. I'm thinking 206-S I'll hit less traffic. Where do people usually hit the brunt of the traffic heading down the shore? Thoughts on which route to take? Thanks!
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It would be helpful to know when you would be leaving Madison.
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Take 206 as far as you can. The GSP will be a nightmare until at least the LBI exit and maybe all the way to AC.
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My standard answer involving the southern part of the Jersey Shore and holiday weekends is avoid the parkway for as long as possible. It's always a cluster; I live in Toms River and getting home from work tonight is going to be a disaster. Also, they are doing road construction at around 90 and then again down by 82, which will just add to the general joy. I expect my normal hour commute home from Marlboro would take more like two tonight, which is why I'm not taking the parkway home.
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Are the extra lanes open yet on the GSP? The traffic situation may very well be much better this year.

Best bet? Look at Google's live traffic layer.
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schmod: Lane widening is going on right now.
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Be aware that the 202/206 connection near 78 tends to be crazy at the best of times on holiday weekends. You have those three interweaving, and the traffic for the Bridgewater mall and shopping area all moving around and clogging up. So be careful with that, too.
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The GSP will suck past AC. I had in the past driven from NYC to Stone Harbor on Mem weekend. Until I made the left turn off the highway in Stone Harbor, it was bumper to bumper. Good thing my kids were only 4, 5, and 6 or so at the time or it would have really sucked.

Take an alternate route as far as you can.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone for the quick responses. I'll be leaving tonight around 8 PM.
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I would try 295/95 to 55 to 9.
Goes way west out of your way, but it's the best traffic-beater I have found for south-Jersey shore towns.
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