What to do in Heathrow Airport for 12 hours?
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We have a 12 hour layover (10am to 10pm) in Heathrow airport on a saturday. don't have visa to go out. - Looking for thing's to do - a place to rest (or better yet sleep) - restaurants to eat on a budget
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What terminal?
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What do you need a visa for? If you're a US citizen they're not required.
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Response by poster: @vacapinta : Arriving on Terminal 1 and departure from Terminal 4

@elsietheeel : Not US citizens
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They should immediately put you on a shuttle then to Terminal 4. That's the Terminal you'll be waiting at which is unfortunate, because there isn't much to do at that Terminal.

The Heathrow site has a bit more info on the shops/restaurants there. Bring a good, long book. :)
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Response by poster: hey should immediately put you on a shuttle then to Terminal 4.

Really? I thought we might be able to hang around terminal 1 for 8-9 hours and then go to terminal 4.
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Depending on what country you are from, you may be able to apply for a 24 hour visa on arrival according to this link.
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Also, there's very little that's 'budget' at Heathrow. Mass catering at high prices.
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This is what will happen when you arrive. Terminal 4 is a tough place to spend a lot of time, unfortunately. I've killed a lot of time at Garfunkel's restaurant, which is to the very far right of the terminal if security is behind you.
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You can change terminals while being on "airside" i.e. not going through customs -- I've never been checked which terminal my flight leaving when changing terminals. I'd go to terminal 5 for some time and then move to terminal 4 closer to your departure.
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You will absolutely want a shower at some point; there's one in T4 for *free* with a £3 towel you get to keep if you don't have your own. Ask the attendant or ring them on the free courtesy phone nearby.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the replies.
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