Bubbly bubbly bubbly boo.
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I opened a bottle of prosecco today to make a couple of cocktails, and now I have a 3/4 full bottle of prosecco. Aside from drinking it all tonight (not really an option), what can I do with it? I'm assuming it won't keep until tomorrow.
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if you put some saran wrap over the top and seal it with some rubber bands, it should still have a bit of fizz tomorrow
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Prosecco jello should keep long enough to serve prosecco jello martinis at your Memorial Day brunch this weekend.
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You could use it to cook--even with the fizz gone, it'll still be fine. I bet it'd keep for some days if you refrigerated and capped/corked it, or used chickaboo's saran-wrap trick.
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It will still be good tomorrow as long as you seal it up. I uncorked some cheap champagne recently and it was still drinkable on the fourth day.
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why shouldn't it? Just put a cork in it and you'll be ok.
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I love using sparkling wine to poach pears or apples; you can them use them to make a pie, cobbler, salads, topping for yogurt, all sorts of things.
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1. Cooking w/ it. Shellfish tends to go well w/ prosecco-laced broths/sauces; it's also a great substitute for the water part of a sugar syrup in anything that would need a sugar syrup (e.g. to drizzle over fruit; in a glaze for meat; as part of a sorbet).

2. Making drinks w/ it. Bellinis, mimosas, etc., are still pretty good even if they aren't especially fizzy. You can also use it as a variant in place of dry vermouth in a lot of mixed drinks (especially if you throw in a dash of bitters).

3. Make vinegar.
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Yeah, and if you're a little squicked about drinking day old bubbly, I find it works better in cocktails. Trader Joe's sells a sparkling clementine italian soda that is pretty bitching with prosecco (also, gin, for the record).
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I just had someone tell me this weekend that one of the best uses for leftover Prosecco is to freeze it in a baking pan, scrape it to create a slushy like texture and serve it with fresh fruit. Here is a recipe for Prosecco sorbet
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If you don't mind picking up some pectin, you can make wine jelly.
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If nothing else, dump it into a jar, freeze it, and you have wine for the next six recipes that call for half a cup of white wine.
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Another vote for jello!
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Flat bubbly is just wine. Cork it and enjoy it later, bubbles or not.
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I don't know what procecco is, but I came across this answer while browsing around:
Peaches and Prosecco
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I read somewhere long ago that if you put a teaspoon into the top of the open bottle (handle-end down, obviously!), sparkling wine will keep its fizz overnight. I tried it and - amazingly - it worked. Still does, in fact. I've no idea how/why this should work, and nobody I asked has ever come up with a satisfactory, scientific explanation. On the rare occasions I don't get to the end of a bottle of fizz, I still use it successfully. And 50/50 fizz and orange-juice is great with breakfast the next morning!
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According to tests in mythbusters first holiday special, the spoon in champagne trick doesn't work any better than just leaving the bottle open in your refrigerator

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Well, darn it! But my Buck's Fizz still fizzed this morning!
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I insist you make this Prosecco and Summer Fruit terrine. You have just the right amount of prosecco for the recipe. The terrine is like Jell-O, only way more sophisticated. I've made it a few times for dinner parties and picnics - it's super easy, tasty, and looks totally stunning!
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This is also a good use for prosecco.
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Add some fruit juice of your choice and make a sorbet/granita.
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Response by poster: Ooh, thanks, so many great ideas here! (I would have responded earlier, but we had a power outage last night not long after I posted.)
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