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Can anyone recommend good blogging software for ASP or ColdFusion? My IT department said no to PHP/MySQL. Cost is no concern. The only stuff I've found so far is weak. One feature I need is comment registration.
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If cost is no concen, get a Dreamhost account and blog away in php/mysql.
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It's an internal blog.
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One of my co-workers had a list of ASP blogging options at one point. I'll get them tomorrow. What about .NET options (specifically, C#)?
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Yes, I'm open to .NET options, too. Thanks.
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You might look into Community Server which is the successor to .Text which was one of the first blogging packages for I've never used it, but their design document says they have the goal of having moderated and authenticated comments.
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No personal experience, but this one seems pretty highly regarded (ASP).
PS: Your IT Department is insane
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What about MovableType? Isn't that done with Perl?

And what do they have against PHP/MySQL? I mean, if you're not going to be recoding it... who cares what tech is used to implement it. If they're worried about maintaining it, well gees It's pretty much setup and forget about, although setting up PHP to work with apache on windows can be a little daunting. MySQL is easy.

Tell your IT department to get some balls.
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Mysql is easy if you know mysql. That said, PHP is a joy compared to perl.
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Is the requirement Windows or literally ASP/ColdFusion? Because MT does run fine on Windows servers, but is Perl, as delmoi mentioned. And supports comment registration.
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So much for that idea: he tossed whatever links he had when we started using Textpattern. As an aside, my initial reaction was, "PHP and MySQL work on Windows too." I didn't have any problems getting PHP & Apache & MySQL up and running on Windows back when I had no idea what I was doing. The only confusing part was learning the Apache conf stylee.
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I tried talking them into PHP and MySQL since I have it running on my machine for testing, but they don't want to introduce something new to support.
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I use MT on a W2K server and code asp pages. Works no problem at all.
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