Please help me find business cards that carry a logo of an owl, falcon or a bird, etc..
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Please help me find business cards that carry a logo of an owl, falcon or a bird, etc..

I'm trying to make sure my idea for a logo/ business card isn't something I unintentionally copied from a half-recollection...
Can you think of a business card with a stylized owl/ eagle/falcon/bird?
The birds can be either sitting or in flight, however not in a crest or as a mascot.
Sincere thanks in advance.
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Here you are. I think you are going about this backwards though. Show us your logo and we'll tell you if we've seen something similar.
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There's an owl logo in the letterhead here. Same logo on the firm's business cards.
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It's not just about the logo, it's the whole card layout with the bird logo in the corner. I'm sorry I can't upload it.
The logo is an owl that is drawn as a cross between "Glaukos", Athena's owl, as portrayed on countless ancient coins - and the ancient Egyptian owl hieroglyphic. So, it's fairly recognizable, however I may be over-thinking a plate of beans and simply imagine that I already saw somewhere a business card with a hieroglyphic owl, after all it's a fairly common symbol..
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The owl logos I think of are Rice University and Hooters -- two ends of the marketing spectrum!
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Show us the concept. Otherwise this is too vague to answer.
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My mom is rather obsessed with using eagle imagery in her branding materials. As her defacto graphic designer, I have made her many business cards, logos, power point backgrounds, etc. using bird and eagle imagery. I'm working on a damn placard right now with a soaring, triumphant eagle. There's probably a ton of people out there using bird imagery and I think you can use bird imagery as well without working about copyright infringement.

I wonder if you can upload your bird (especially if it's stock and not original artwork) into one of those image search match things. I think Tin Eye is one. Of course, if you don't come up with anything that's no proof that someone else isn't using your bird.
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The old Channel13 (NYC) WNDT logo and Sheffield Wednesday are the only two I can think of.
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Hitachino beer.
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OK, thank you everyone!
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