Sloped car crates in the US?
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Where can I find a sloped car crate for my dog in the US?

I currently own a Very Large Dog with a Very Large Crate. I am also in the process of upgrading from a Very Small Car to a Slightly Larger Car. VLD's crate will just barely not fit in the rear of SLC (a mid-size hatchback), but I would like VLD to be safe and contained when we travel. I originally planned to just buy a barrier for across the rear seats, but worry about VLD jumping out of the hatchback before I can leash him/grab his leash. I've found some really cool sloped car crates online, and it looks like the sloped sides would let me fit a crate in the back. However, I think they're only available in the UK. Example. Are there any similar products available in the US?
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Best answer: I haven't seen what you're looking for sale in the US, but given how wire crates snap together, it shouldn't be hard to reconfigure a cube-shaped crate to fit into a car. A good pair of diagonal cutters and maybe some plasti-dip to cover any rough ends and you'd be all set.
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Best answer: like this?
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Best answer: I found some options by googling "dog crate angled", "dog crate slope" and "dog crate SUV"
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Why couldn't you leash him at all times with the barrier method? I'm sure an 8-10ft leash would let him turn around and snuffle about while still restraining him when you open the hatch. The critical part here is to attach the other end of the leash to the car, after which you can open the hatch, attach your walking leash and unhook the car leash.
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When I had my Doberman and Civic the solution was a barrier, and shutting the leash in the back door (you see this on Animal Cops a lot too). That way you can grab the leash handle before opening the door/hatch.
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We've got a greyhound we transport in the Versa hatchback. That hatchback doesn't open instantly, and if it's being opened by an adult who's paying attention, there's very little chance that Gordy will be able to jump out before we want him out. It's just too easy to reach in through the initial opening and grab his collar as the door comes up, or just stand in the way so he can't. Maybe your dog isn't as compliant as Gordy, though, in which case I'd go with the car-leash suggestion above.
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