Should I buy this refrigerator?
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Our heirloom (hah!) refrigerator is dying. I'm thinking of purchasing an Electrolux ICON Professional 16.5 cu. ft. refrigerator, with plans to buy the matching freezer later (I have an upright freezer already that will suffice for the time being). Does anyone have any experience with this product? Something similar you think might be better or might want to warn me away from? My biggest concerns are for quality of construction and reliability, but I'd love to hear any/all thoughts you might have about this appliance. Thanks!
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We were VERY recently looking at fridges and were told by the really nice lady at the store that we should only buy electrolux fridges.... or at the very least, german products only for our white goods. She didn't really care which one we bought.... another guy in the same store seemed to be pushing Smeg.... but I trusted her judgement and reasons.

In the end, we decided to go with Fisher and Paykel with a REALLY long extended warranty which would be cheaper.... because we decided to integrate our fridge, we could go with the ugly white... which was a huge factor in wanting the Electrolux originally. They're soooo pretty.
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