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I would like to buy a voice chat headset for my Windows-2000 based computer to use in UT2004/other games and also with Skype. I would like a quality piece but I don't want to pay a lot of money. Suggestions?
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I can't say enough about the Logitech USB 300. It sounds great (been using it mostly for TeamSpeak while playing City of Heroes, but it works just as well for mixing in Adobe Audition). It listens well. It is very adjustable and therefore comfortable. The volume-control and mute on the cord is more useful than you know. And you can find them for around $35.
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I second this one. I use this for gaming, for VoIP calls, and anything else. I don't have a sound card in my PC and use this headset exclusively.

I have the model WITHOUT the volume control - I think it's the 200 model instead of the 300.
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I use the USB 300 from Logitech as well, and it rocks as outlined above.
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I just buy cheap $5 ones from NewEgg, because I always end up breaking them somehow.
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