Help me buy a birthday present for my F 150 truck
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I want to buy my F150 truck a birthday present: a good polishing inside and out.

My 2002 Ford F150 truck has taken care of me so well all these years I want to get it cleaned up inside and out for it's birthday.

I'm looking for recommendations for a company in or around Bowie MD to give a good cleaning on the inside and a compounding and polishing on the outside.

I'm choosing C&P instead of a re-painting because I hear the results are fantastic and cost less than the paint job.

Questions: how long does the work usually take? Appointments necessary?Do I tip? How much?

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Usually I've done detailing myself, but when I've payed I think it was around $100-150, no appointment but drop it off in the morning, go home or to work and be prepared to wait for most of the day. I wouldn't tip. Would you tip a mechanic or body shop? It's not really expected, it's work but satisfying work. There's listings in the yellow pages (Google 'bowie detailing') but for recommendations your best bet is probably to try asking some local used car dealers to find-out who they use to spruce-up the cars for sale.
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