OS X Wireless Collage
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I had an app a few years back, that would create a collage of the images floating around in real-time, over a local wireless network. It ran on OS X or OS9 and I remember a fellow blogger talking about it. I can't remember the name of it, but maybe someone else does.
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Etherpeg (for OS X)

There's a windows port that does the same thing, but I forget what it is called.
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There's also driftnet for those of us without macs.
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Matt, I couldn't remember if I got that from you or Ev or Dori/Tom from BackupBrain. Thanks!
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does it work for you in osx.3.8? matt/mkelly?
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well, I will not work for me, mainly because my wireless card is setup as en5 and not the en0 and en1 that comes up with the programs...and I have no clue on how to recompile the source code that comes with the files to use en5...codewarrior genus' would be welcome....

I'll probably try it out this evening with another wireless setup on a mac at home. I'm running 10.3.8 on a couple of other machines, and that should give us an idea if it works or not.
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