We don't need a cheap dorm room...what else is there discounted for students?
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We're in our mid forties and my wife is going back to college (well grad school actually). What student discounts should we be on the lookout for now that she is officially .edu ??

Since we're both 20+ years out of school, I figured AMF youngins could point us in the right direction where we might be able to save some money. MS Office, IIRC, had some superdeal for students on office. What else should we be thinking of?
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Apple has student discounts for almost all products.
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My college has a page dedicated to discounts that they've negotiated with various companies, like car insurance, banking, sports tickets, and all kinds of things.
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Adobe software is pretty massively discounted for students. Lots of student priced software can be found at JourneyEd.

Apple provides modest discounts on some of its hardware and software. You can see the education version of the online Apple store by going here.

Some slightly discounted travel is available from STA Travel.
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Assuming that you're in the states, the first thing you should look out for is Education Tax Credits. I think you can get somewhere around $4k back on your tax return, but I need to check.

A lot of small businesses in college towns offer discounts to students, it never hurts to ask.
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You get discounts (and even free tickets) to lots of wonderful and usually v. expensive "high"-culture stuff! Museums, operas, plays, orchestral concerts, the ballet, etc. etc. A lot of them have age limits, sadly, but if you whip out your student ID with the ticket money they'll put you through.

Your university online portal should have special links to online shops (the Apple store, Dell, etc.) where the student discount is already figured into the price. For specific things, ask/email Student Activities. Hell, you'll probably be automatically stuck on their list, so actually read those emails (unlike the rest of us.)
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Also checkout Student Universe to see if they have any hookups that you're interested in.
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I've gotten cheaper movie tickets, improv show tickets, yoga classes, haircuts, diner meals. Apparently I could use my student ID here to get discounts on occult products and mini golf.

Also, Banana Republic, J Crew, and the Gap also offer student discounts.
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Microsoft offers students discounts and some universities have special deals (I bought office 2007 for less than $15).

Sprint also has a decent discount with my university.

If her uni is big enough many many business will have negotiated deals with them (for example my gym waived the expensive registration fee because of my .edu address).
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I get a 15% discount at Eastern Mountain Sports with my student ID.
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I traveled a lot (2X/month) on amtrak in the NE corridor for a couple of years and the discounts my student advantage card gave me paid back the $25 (I think) fee in about two trips. Combine that with rewards and I saved hundreds.

I never used it for any other discounts though, can only speak to the value of it if you're traveling on the train a lot.
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Depending on where you are, some of the best deals can be the kinds of cultural things mentioned by griphus. With my student ID, I can get into almost all museumes in NYC for free. Not only that, if I go to the box office the day of the show, I can get 2nd row seats for Carnegie Hall, Met Opera, NY Phil, etc, for just $20.
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Which school, dantegeek?
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Many women's clothing stores have student discounts. Perhaps men's stores, too, but I never shop there.
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nytimes subscription
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Oh, and nobody's mentioned Google Voice's new initiative to be useful to students.
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Lots of magazines offer student discounts, as do music, theater, and art venues. Also check with her school for things like public transit passes, technology things, and travel stuff.
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If there is any software you can think of that you've been wanting to try/buy, check out the price with the student discount. You can save a TON.

Also, even as an alum, my husband has access to his school's library, through which we can access all kinds of magazines and such online. We just used this to research tires in Consumer Reports.

google "student discount [city]" to find a bunch of local stuff.
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You may be eligible for a discount on your cell phone bill. Varies by university and carrier.
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Software, computers, laptops, PDAs, all kinds of electronics discounted to students, faculty, and staff. Check the student bookstore for details.
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Response by poster: OP here. Amazon Prime free now for students:

Amazon Student
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