edundant switchmode power supply
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Where are some redundant switchmode power supplies with dual 240 AC inputs and a 12V DC output... I am looking for some models but google is not working for me.

Maybe I am not providing enough information? What am I missing?
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I've had experience with Meanwell and xppower power supplies quite a lot in industrial equipment, I'm pretty sure they will both do a model with 2x12V outputs.
What redundancy features are you looking for that wouldn't be covered by just having two power supplies in parallel?
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Is there any reason why you can't simply buy two 12v power supplies - flyback converters with overvoltage protection, say - and connect their outputs in parallel?
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I think both Sola and Phoenix Contacts higher end power supplies allow for connecting two together in parallel so that you have redundant failover. I don't remember exactly how to do this but look through their spec sheets and you should find it.
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Response by poster: So I'm getting the impression that it is more common to have 2 power supplies in parallel than to use a single device with 2x 240v AC inputs & 1x 12v DC output?

If using 2 power supplies in parallel, what is the name of the adapter that will merge the 2x DC outputs into one?
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Best answer: It's a lot easier to find supplies that support paralleling and use those - some still require external diodes but the fancier ones don't. If you find a power supply that looks like it will do what you want and supports parallel operation just ask the vendor what the recommended connections are if you can't find it in the datasheet. "N+1 redundancy" seems to be an accepted term for this configuration.

I did stumble upon a very fancy bells and whistles supply, that is as redundant as it gets but I suspect it will cost more than whatever you plan to power. []
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