Looking for an HTML editor.
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Looking for a basic WYSIWYG HTML editor that doesn't add all kinds of code that I don't ask for. I'm still pining for Netscape Gold.....
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Have you looked at NVU?
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The Nvu project is dead, but the code got forked and rebranded as Kompozer. It's exactly what you're looking for - a no-cruft editor.
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Dreamweaver might not fit your definition of "basic," but I use it every work day, and it's mostly unintrusive.
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Arachnophelia is very low-end and cool.
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Came in here to mention Kompozer as well. I was highly impressed with how it did not mess with entities, tags outside of the edited region, or even whitespace. Unless you want it to, of course, but it seemed to pretty much stay out of the way and let you edit. Not to mention that it's the quite distant descendant of Netscape Composer...
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I've used Notepad++ before and like it for basic editing. You can expand it's functionality with a few plug-ins that include things like built in FTP and auto-complete.

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