Netflix for the deaf?
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Is there any way to search Netflix for subtitled/Closed Captioned material?

I know they have begun to roll out subtitles for english language content, I'm curious if there is any way to display a list of available titles that are subtitled.

The Netflix account is shared among the family and my Dad is deaf, it is very lame that we can't share a lot of the streaming content with him, so we want to take advantage of whatever captioning they are doing.

Hell, I have perfectly healthy hearing but it annoys me to no end when I miss something so I watch with captions all the time and get annoyed when they aren't there even when Dad isn't around.

If there isn't a way to restrict the search (I know I am constantly perplexed by the Netflix interface so I would not be shocked either way) feel free to list your favorite movies or shows that you have found that are subtitled.
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Do you mean just for the straming/instant queue stuff or for all DVDs?
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(erm, streaming, not straming, of course)
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Nope, sorry. There is no way to search Netflix for DVD titles with cc. This is an ongoing issue in the deaf/HOH community.
As for streaming, according to Netflix there are 'about 100 titles' presently available with cc for instant streaming. No way to search for those either! Ridiculous, huh?

Favorite movies? You'll need to list some genres.
Mystic River is one that needed cc because many shots were filmed behind the head of the person speaking (couldn't lipread). Plus a lotta whispering going on.
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I don't think this is something they offer yet, and as far as I can tell this isn't present in the API, so 3rd-party plug-ins and web sites using the API can't provide it either. So "no" is all I got for you now...but maybe someone else has figured out something clever, or knows differently? I'd also love to be able to search on this too.
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I know that Season 1 of Lost has closed captioning available on Netflix streaming, as I was watching it the other day (can't get into the show, however.)

hope that helps...
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Response by poster:

Do you mean just for the straming/instant queue stuff or for all DVDs?

For streaming, recommend for me anything you can with captions. DVD titles have always already had it.
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I'm one of those people who like to read the subtitles even though I'm not hearing impaired. I've just got loud busy kids who make it hard to catch every word of a movie!

Since it seems there's no way to search for these movies is there any way I can petition Netflix to start captioning more and listing those that are already captioned? I love Netflix streaming, that's my one complaint.
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Netflix announced support for CC and subtitles sometime in 2010. it's coming, but it's not here yet.
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in the meantime, browsing the foreign film category will almost always include subtitles baked into the video stream. Hope you like bollywood and kung-fu.
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